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Wasp Control

Wasp - when fury and hate collideA wasp nest in your yard isn't something you'd want as a decoration. That makes the intervention of a qualified wasp removal technician absolutely necessary. Lets's look at the facts. In some instances, a single nest can house thousands of wasps which is a risk you should seriously consider eliminating. But these aggressive insects will protect their home at any cost so getting rid of them is not easy but rather dangerous. And if you want your home, yourself, and your kids safe, hiring wasp controllers to exterminate the nest is a must.

Get the Most Comprehensive Wasp Removal out There

Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne will eliminate the wasp nest for you and do it efficiently & safely. For that purpose, the exterminator teams are equipped with the tools and the solutions needed to take on such a job. And the 100% service guarantee attests to the fact that you'll definitely get the results you want. The comprehensive wasp removal service includes:

  • An initial inspection - The wasp controllers will determine the location of the nest
  • Treatment - Human and pet-safe insecticides will be applied for the nest to be exterminated and it will then be physically remove
  • Follow up - Every nook and cranny will be searched for other concealed nests and the experts can check up with you after a certain period to make sure there are no more wasps on your property

Wasp Control in Melbourne that Gives You More

A wasp nest on your property is not only a threat to your safety, but it can also affect the environment around you by displacing native animals, like birds and beneficial insects. So as soon as you notice the slightest sign of wasps, call the wasp controllers in Melbourne. You can count on a quick and reliable service which also gives you:

  • Efficient, yet human and pet-safe treatments
  • Emergency same-day bookings
  • A number of other convenient time slots on weekends and holidays
  • Instant, free of charge price quote

On top of dealing with wasps, the exterminators can also handle ants, woodworm, and fleas among all else. Contact the customer support teams around the clock and ask about all deals and discounts you can get with Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne.

Did You Know Wasps ...

There are about 75,000 species of wasp around the world. These insects are found all over the world, on every continent, except in the polar regions.

Wasps' stings are poisonous and result in painful swells which take a few days to sooth. Some people are allergic and a sting can result in death. That's why wasp control comes in handy in almost all instances.

Unlike honeybees, wasp can sting repeatedly. That's because their sting is smooth and they can get it out of the skin without pulling their guts out.

The queen wasp which survives the cold builds a new colony from scratch every spring. She starts the nests and attracts workers. The nest gradually expands by late summer and in winter most wasps, including the queen, die out.