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Timber Pests

Timber pests are often difficult to detect so their colonies grow quickly while you think all's fine with your home. Until it's too late and you face structural damage that is either too expensive or beyond repair. And when it comes to timber pests, like termites for instance, no home is protected. In Australia alone, more than 20% of homes have been exposed to termites at some point.

To avoid all the damage a timber pest infestation brings along, simply schedule a visit from Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne and order our timber pest removal services.

How Will the Timber Pest Controllers Get Rid of the Insects

The trained and experienced teams of exterminators will be with you promptly and will take care of the matter at hand. The results are excellent because of the strategy that is always used, consisting of:

  • Inspection - The timber pest controllers will determine what is the problem and at what stage is the infestation
  • Treatment - Depending on the type of pest, the controllers will select the most appropriate methods and pesticides and apply them to the problem areas
  • Proofing - Once this is done, you will get sound advise on how to protect your property and reduce the risk of termites, borers, and woodworms.

The Added Perks of the Timber Pest Control Service

Besides efficiently handling timber pest complications, Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne will gladly help you out with rodent and marsupial control, eliminating creepy crawlies as well as flying bities. And all that comes along a set of additional perks, such as:

  • Emergency bookings - you could call and schedule a visit at any time, even on holidays, as long as we have availability
  • Friendly customer support staff - please, call our representatives if you have any questions
  • Complete timber pest removal - everything from initial inspection and treatment, to proofing
  • Free quote - Contact the customer support team and get your accurate price estimate

Get hold of the pest controllers in Melbourne now and ask about the many deals and discounts that go along the services.