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Termite Control

Termites (also known as "white ants") are among the hardest pests to detect. At the same time, they are also the most destructive to your home. If you don't catch a termite infestation on time or don't use proper termite control, the damage to your home is guaranteed. From here on out you're looking at substantial repair expenses. This only serves as treating the symptoms if you don't deal with the white ant infestation. On top of that, statistics show that termites affect more than 20% of homes in Australia at some point in time. Because of all that, regular termite inspections in Melbourne will go a long way toward saving your house from the damage an infestation brings along.

Why Count on the Fantastic Termite Control in Melbourne?

Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne is at your disposal! We are prepared to provide you with both termite inspection and treatment. The exterminators in Melbourne will:

  • Inspect your property – The controllers will begin by establishing whether there's a problem. If there really is an infestation, they'll determine how extensive it is by placing monitoring stations.
  • Treat the infestation - When they locate termite-active areas, the technicians will replace the monitoring stations with bait stations. The worker white ants will bring the bait back to the nest to feed the colony. Within a certain time frame, the product will spread and the entire colony will be exterminated. The controllers will use insecticides if the infestation is a more advanced stage. This type of termite treatment has been proven thoroughly effective!
  • Proofing – Upon additional booking, the teams of controllers will also be able to proof your home and give you advice on preventing future termite invasions.

Tip: With the first signs of white ant activity, call for expert termite treatment in Melbourne. It's crucial not to break open or otherwise interfere with the damaged wood. Doing so will make termites abandon that part of their colony and focus their effort on other parts of your home, leading to more damage.

The Extra Benefits You Can Take Advantage of When You Book a Termite Treatment

The qualified termite inspection teams have successfully treated all kinds of domestic and commercial properties in Melbourne. Termite eradication is not all you can take advantage of. You can count on Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne to rid you of all kinds of pest, including woodworms, borer, spiders and even rats, possums, and birds. Besides, opting for the service gives you a range of perks, like:

  • A full guaTermite control services in Melbournerantee on removing the entire termite infestation
  • A termite-free home or office environment for at least 3 months after treatment
  • An emergency session for the jobs that just cannot wait
  • Phone and chat lines for your convenience

Contact Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne today and ask the customer support team about the deals and discounts you can take advantage of.

According to the "Building Regulations 2006", new homes must be termite-protected. That means a lot of old buildings don't match the set standard and are at risk of white ant infestation. You can make sure you've taken all precautions by looking at the "Termites" section of the Victorian Building Authority website.

Did You Know Termites ...

Termites are very hard-working insects. They literally never sleep and work 24/7. And if exposed to sunlight, most termites will die.

Termite queens have incredibly long lifespan – about 15 to 25 years. The queen can lay an astounding number of eggs – 40,000 per day. Probably that's why there are more termites on Earth than humans.

Since all termite workers and soldiers spend their days in the dark nests, they don't need to develop functional eyes. The only individuals that require eyesight are reproductive termites because they need to fly in order to find mates.

The Formosan termite is the most ferocious termite specie on the planet. It lives in colonies of 1 to 10 million units and can easily eat up to 400 grams of wood a day. Might not sound that much to you, but it's enough to make the difference between your house staying whole and it falling down.