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Spider Control

Spiders are one of the most dangerous arachnids you can encounter in your home, yard, and office. The species that are most likely to be bothering you in Melbourne are Wolf Spider, Hunter, White Tail Spider, and Black House Spider, all of which venomous. The reaction you can have to a spider bite varies, but in any case, a bite is not something you’d wish for. That's why you need to make sure you’re safe. Book Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne because you’ll get a professional and efficient spider control service.

What Makes our Spider Control Service such a Success

When you go with the spider removal the pest technicians in Melbourne can offer you, you are guaranteed to receive lasting results. You can count on that promise because the pest treatment itself is quite thorough, consisting of:

  • Inspection – Carried out to determine the type of spiders that are infesting your home, as well as the locations that are problematic. Your entire property will be scanned carefully so that the exterminators are aware of the full extent of the issue.
  • Treatment – The method and the insecticides used depend on the type of spiders that are bugging you, as well as on the areas that need to be treated. And in a matter of days, your home will be free of the spiders and their eggs.
  • Proofing – The treatment also gives you lasting pest protection. And the spider controllers will even do a follow up to make certain your property is spider-free.

Australia is home of some of the world's most dangerous spider species. That's why in case of spider bite, you should react as quickly as possible and seek medical assistance immediately. Here's what you need to know and the first steps you have to take in case of a spider bite.

What makes the treatment plans we offer you so effective is the fact that we'll tailor them to the specific type of spider and your property. Webbing, crawling or hunting spiders require different treatment procedures and types of insecticides to have the desirable effect.

While webbing spiders are easiest to deal with - spraying their webs directly, other types, like the hunting and crawling ones, require monitoring and specific treatment. The crawling spider control usually entails spraying possible entry points as well as likely spider hiding spots.

The Benefits of Booking Spider Control

Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne will definitely solve your spider problem and in doing that you’ll get a list of useful perks, such as:

Spider control in Melbourne

  • Lasting effect for at least 3 months after the initial service
  • Human-safe and pet-friendly insecticides
  • Free spider control price quote

Along the spider control you can also book a cockroach, bed bugs, and scorpion control as well as flea treatment, to name but a few. Call and learn more about the service and the discounts you can get.

Did You Know Spiders ...

It's estimated that there are 1 million spiders living in one acre (4046 square meters) of land. That's a space 5 times SMALLER than the Docklands Stadium. But the tropics have it worse. The number there is closer to 3 million per acre. That means you're never more than 3 meters away from a spider … Calling the spider control experts seems like a pretty good idea right now.

The oxygen in spiders' blood is bound to hemocyanin, a molecule that contains copper. It also makes their blood blue.

Spider bites affect people in varying ways, depending on a lot of factors, like the amount of venom that's injected as well as the age of the person who's bitten.

Spiders can't chew their food because they don't have teeth. They inject enzymes into the innards of their prey instead. These enzymes liquify the prey and the spider just sucks it's innards.