Expert Pest Control Services

Rodent & Marsupial

Because of their nature and habits, rodents and marsupials might prove to be difficult to control and remove from your property. At the very least, they reproduce quite quickly which necessitates the timely intervention so that the infestation could be caught on time and contained. They can also damage your home by chewing the plaster, the pipes, and the wiring, causing you unnecessary expenses.

This is where the rodent and marsupial control services come in. The experts will:

  • Perform an inspection – That way they can find out what type of infestation they’re dealing with, and how extensive it is.
  • Treat the issue – The controllers will apply all methods available - baits, traps and glue boards - to remove the vermin while abiding by the rules and regulations for animal safety in Victoria.
  • Proof your property – The rodent control professionals will give you tips on how to avoid such infestations in the future.

Tip: The bait method would take up to 3 or 4 weeks. Looking for quicker results? We also place mechanical traps which will get the job done much quicker. If your home or office is infested by cockroaches as well, they should be exterminated first. Otherwise, the roaches will eat the rat baits.

Get Your Efficient Rodent & Marsupial Removal

The rodent and marsupial control task will be handled with utmost care so as to ensure the right outcome for you. That’s why the trained controllers use a combination of physical, biological, and chemical pest-control methods along with tried and tested pesticides. And all that is done in a perfectly controlled environment so no harm will come to you or your pets.

Note: The pest control services we offer you abide by the state rules and guidelines in place. You can learn more about humane vertebra control and see all acceptable methods.

The Additional Benefits You Get

Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne will ensure you get the pest-free environment you want by giving you:

  • The option to book a further inspection once the rodent control has been performed
  • Help with other vermin, like creepy crawlies, flying bities, and timber pests
  • Special deals and discounts tailored to your personal needs
  • Free estimation available over the phone

Get hold of Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne and book your all-encompassing rodent and marsupial control service right away.