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Here you'll find what other clients have to say about the Fantastic Pest Control services in Melbourne. Your feedback is also important to us, so we would appreciate if you told us about your experience with the services.


  • I needed a pest control service to deal with a bed bugs situation in the house. I'm really pleased they sort the case quick. Thanks!

    Mikayla Hodel
  • We had to call a pest control service ASAP, as we had rats in he building. Luckily, the technicians sealed every possible point and placed traps to solve the problem. Now everything is okay, thanks to these pros. 5 stars from me!

    Leah Weld
  • I had beehive in my garden that I needed relocate, as it was starting to cause serious inconvenience. I'm glad I called Fantastic, the technicians did the job in no time, without harming any bees. Good job, mates!

    Patrick Garland
  • 5 stars for the knowledgeable technicians! I had frequent visits from possums and no idea why they loved to come to my garden so much. I had everything sorted with only one visit from the Fantastic pest controllers. Thanks!

    Ava Brereton
  • We experienced a very big ant invasion in the house, and needed to stop it as they were basically everywhere. The technicians used strong solutions and had the case sorted.

    Gabriel Scammell
  • My kids were playing in the garden when a wasp stung one of them and I discovered that there is a nest nearby. I booked an emergency appointment and had the nest relocated. Thanks for the quick reaction, guys!

    Elijah Larcombe
  • The Fantastic technicians saved me from a spider attack. I saw two really big ones in my attic and called the company to safely remove them. These guys told me what might be the reason to have them and proofed the attic. Thanks!

    Sarah Phillip
  • Great pest control, guys! Thanks to you, now my house is moth-free.

    Erin Wardill
  • I tried to stop the roaches in my house for quite a long time, unfortunately without success. I decided to leave this tedious task to people with experience. Fantastic used some of the latest cleaning solutions to stop them and determine the reason why they appear at first. I will definitely recommend them!

    Amy Thirkell
  • Thanks to Fantastic my house is safe from the destructive mice infestation. Thanks!

    Nicholas Chumleigh
  • I couldn't sleep for days when I saw a mouse in my bedroom. I had no idea why they were in my house, so I called the pest exterminators to get rid of them. They did an amazing job! Top-notch service!

    Maya Dods
  • A service that worth every dollar! I had my entire house pest proofed on a very good price. I even signed for an annual inspection to keep my home protected all times. Thanks, guys!  

    Taj De Salis
  • It turned out that I brought bed bugs into my home after the last trip. I have never experienced a bed bug infestation, that's why I called Fantastic Pest Control. They totally saved the day with their methods! Thanks!

    Alana McEwen
  • I found out that the foundations of my house were seriously damaged from a termite invasion. I was seriously considered as I have never experienced something like that. I called these guys and they had a very professional approach to the problem. After a while their colony was stopped. Thanks!  

    Piper Murray
  • I noticed that there were a lot of pigeons on the roof of my house that made a lot of dirt. The Fantastic exterminators relocated their nest and made sure they are not coming back. Thanks!

    Madeline Rischbieth
  • Me and my wife were really happy with the prices and quality of the service. We booked an ant control because we had them all over the house. I highly recommend them!

    Alexander Santo
  • As a store owner is very important for me to have my staff and customers protected from rodents. I suspected a mice infestation because I saw entry points in the storage room. These guys came and turned out it really was a mice invasion. They treated the space and ensured no more rodents are bothering us. Excellent job, guys!

    Mariam Beaney
  • I was concerned for my children's safety when I saw a beehive attached to the gutter system of the house. I spoke with the customer support and booked an emergency appointment. They came  and relocated the hive away from the house. 5 stars from me!

    Benjamin Bussell
  • I couldn't decide why my house has always had a cockroach problem. I book a service with Fantastic Pest Control and it seems they solved the problem for good. Thanks!

    Finn Wylde
  • It was hard to believe, but I saw a scorpion in my garden and I was really worried. I decided to call people with experience, to chek the garden and eventually relocating any other scorpions. Everything turned out okay at the end, they relocated the scorpion. Fantastic saved the day!

    Nate Beaurepaire
  • I'm absolutely terrified by all kind of rodents, so you can imagine my reaction when I heard that a mouse was scratching on the floor. I booked a mice treatment service and luckily the technicians did an amazing job catching the mouse and sealing all entry points. Outstanding job!

    Hayley Rapke
  • Pest proofing the home was one of the best decisions I made for my house, after many insect invasions. Thank you, Fantastic!

    Chelsea Dawbin
  • I had a couple of visits from possums the past weeks, so I decided to call a company and deal with the situation the right way. They made a plan on how to prevent future visits, and so far everything is fine. Thanks!

    Jordan Elliott
  • A friend recommended your company for dealing with all kind of insects and rodents. I needed to have an ant treatment as I started to find ants in all kind of places around the house. Really efficient service. Thanks, guys!

    David McKelvey
  • As an owner of a small restaurant, I have to keep a very high hygiene level in the kitchen. You can imagine how disgusted I was when I found out that there are rats somewhere. I called Fantastic ASAP to deal with this, and I have to say that I'm very happy with the performed service. 5 stars from me!

    Mariam Matson
  • I had some of my clothes damaged by those annoying intruders - the moths. At some point, there were so many of them, that I decided to call a pest control company to stop them. I found Fantastic over the internet and I'm pleased with the job. Thanks!

    Adam Edgerton
  • No more ants in my house since Fantastic's last visit! Exceptional service, mates!

    Timothy McWilliams
  • We live near to the river, and mosquitos can be a real pain sometimes. This summer we decided to call a pest company to try solving the problem. Best decision so far!

    Isabel Fell
  • I remember the first time a saw a silverfish in the house - I screamed! I decided to call a pest company that can give me an advice on how to protect the house from those nasty creatures. They came, performed a thorough inspection and proofed  the house. Now I feel safe! Thanks!

    Eden Cecilia
  • Thanks for the quick reaction, guys! I needed to stop that ant invasion fast.

    Eva Brenan
  • I'm absolutely thrilled with your customer service! I had the service explained from the beginning to the end.Thanks!

    Victoria Lea
  • I was horrified when I saw roaches in the kitchen.Cabinets, countertop - they were crawling everywhere, so I decided to call a company to come and stop the invasion. Everything turned out good at the end. Thanks!

    Caitlyn Dellit
  • We had a problem with ants and bed bugs and needed a company to help us with the extermination. Fantastic came at did a really great job solving the problem. We no longer have a problem with neither of those. Thanks!

    Milla Haley
  • We (me and my wife) were really worried when we found out that there were termites in the house. I was concerned that they will cause a serious damage to everything wooden. I called your company and they managed to stop them. Turned out that the invasion was really extensive and it's a good thing that we caught it on time. Thank you, mates! Great job!  

    Max Baylis