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Rat Control

Often when the weather gets colder outside, rats will seek shelter inside. The warmth of your house, along with the abundance of food make your property the perfect habitat for rats and other rodents. And once you face the issue, an efficient and prompt rat control would be your only option because otherwise, rats can cause serious health issues and property damage. The bigger risk with rats in Australia is the property damage they can cause since rats that are most commonly found in your property can chew the electrical wiring and even the pipes in your home or office. This can potentially lead to additional expenses for repairing the damage. To prevent that simply schedule a rat control service as soon as you notice any signs of rodents.

In Case of a Rat Emergency …

Get hold of Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne right away because the rat removal specialists have all the means necessary to handle the infestation. To begin with, your property will be inspected in order for the full extent of the issue to be established. Once the exterminators know what they are facing, the proper steps to eliminate the issue will be taken: Rats Control

  • Putting baits and traps to reduce the rat population
  • Giving you advice on how to prevent future infestations
  • All that accounting for a thorough and effective rat extermination service


What More Do You Get By Booking Expert Rat Control

Schedule the rat removal service and rest assured, everything the Melbourne pest controllers do will be both efficient in removing the pest and safe for you and your property. On top of that, Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne offers you a list of additional perks, including:

  • Scheduling a service 7 days a week - You can book an emergency session even on public holidays and weekends
  • Friendly customer support - Call and get the help you need
  • Pet-safe methods - the pest exterminators will apply methods which are completely safe for your house pets

Along the rat extermination, you can also depend on the professionals to assist you with all other types of vermin control, including mice, possums, bird, cockroach, and scorpion control among all others. Contact the customer support team today and schedule a visit from the rat controllers.

How to Identify a Rat Infestation

Physical Appearance: Rats have big heads with huge teeth. Their bodies can easily reach 28-30 centimeters, with tails reaching 20-22 centimeters. Their bodies are prolonged, covered with small, rough hairs. Their feet, ears, and tails are naked in order to ensure proper navigation. Behaviour: Rats usually use burrows or holes as their improvised homes. If they can’t find a suitable hole, they’re perfectly capable of creating one, themselves. Procreation: Rats have a pregnancy period of 21-23 days and give birth to around 10 babies on average. A female rat can become pregnant immediately after birth, but such a pregnancy continues to about a month. Rats begin to procreate around six weeks of age.

Did You Know Rats ...

Rats are very loving creatures. They have strong social bonds and like playing and sleeping together. Rats also form strict chains of command. The strongest and largest rat gets the best food and shelter.

When a rat doesn't have any friends, it gets lonely, anxious, and even depressed. These creatures are also very intelligent and have an excellent memory. And much like humans, rats laugh when tickled.

Rats have incredibly strong bite and teeth. They can easily chew through wires, lead, PVC pipes, and even glass. That's one of the reasons they are a real threat to homes.

A single pair of brown rats can have as much as 2000 babies in a year if left to breed freely. And it only takes three to 4 months for a rat to mature. Imagine what a rat infestation would look like if left untreated.