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Why You Should go With Professional Possum Removal

With all state regulations at play, possum removal is quite the demanding task. And if you have a problem of the sort, hiring a licensed controller is a must. It is only licensed controllers and householders who are allowed to interfere with possums and that is only if the animal is inhibiting a building or is in the roof. There are also many additional regulations about relocating, catching and handling the possums, so hiring a possum control professional is the safest bet for you.

Get the Most Efficient and Safe Possum Control Methods Available

The licensed possum removal experts of Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne will safely relocate the animal within 50 metres from where it was caught, complying with state regulations, and help you keep your home and yard protected. For that purpose, the animal will be caught, or as a last resort – trapped.

The service consists of at least two possum control visits by the Melbourne-based pest controllers, all of which included in the price. The controller will place the traps and check them every 24 hours for a period of around five days. The traps will be strategically placed where the animal is most likely to be caught.

The Benefits of Booking Possum Removal with Fantastic

Book the possum control service and make sure the issue is properly taken care of. And when you opt for the help of the experts, you’re sure to get:

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Did You Know Possums …

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  • Possums are very adaptable creatures. They are amazing swimmers and climb pretty well. They can climb vertical walls effortlessly and jump from tree to tree, 4 metres away. Another great skill of theirs is walking on power-lines.

  • Possums are omnivores, which means they feed on whatever they can get their paws on … oh, and they like dog and cat food as well.

  • The Brushtail possums have a very interesting reproduction process. The female possum gives birth to a single baby, which is extremely small. The average gestation period is between 16 and 18 days, with another 4 or 5 months where the mother carries the young in her pouch.

  • Average possum life expectancy is around 13 years.

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