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Pigeon Control

Pigeons are fairly safe to people if you treat them right. However, in some cases they might be potentially dangerous, carrying other pests, like fleas for instance, or even serious diseases. So if you find yourself bothered by the pigeon pest, contact the vermin controllers to take care of the issue for you. No matter what kind of situation occurs, the pigeon control specialist will handle it, bird-proofing your home and relocating pigeons somewhere safe.

Expert Pigeon Control with a Professional Approach

These lovely creatures can carry a lot of parasites and their droppings can cause extensive damage to roofs, sculptures, gardening equipment, even your vehicles. Pigeons can be potentially dangerous to your children as their droppings contain toxic fungi and bacteria. But fear not, because our knowledgeable technicians are determined to solve the problem for you. Over the course of our experience with bird proofing, we've developed and perfected methods that will solve the issue in the long run so the pigeons stop bothering you and your family. Here how it’s done:

  • The professionals will come and make an assessment. Inspect the roof, attic and other areas if there is any food source that might be causing their presence.
  • As harmless as pigeons are, treatment plan follows after the assessment, preventing future damage to your property. This plan may include bird traps, applying repellent gel, pigeon proofing, etc. By the end of the treatment you will have your property completely pigeon free.
  • You can book an additional inspection to make sure that the pigeon control service was successful.

Alongside bird control, we can also help protect your property from all kinds of other vermin, like bees, mice, termites, etc.

Get the Useful Perks that Come Along our Pigeon Removal Services in Melbourne

Working with Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne gets you a whole list of additional benefits that you'll definitely find useful. Here are some of them:

  • A flexible schedule for booking the most convenient appointment
  • A friendly customer support team to handle all your inquiries
  • Coverage of Melbourne’s CBD and surrounding areas
  • Efficiency and expertise in solving your pigeon invasion problem in no time

Leave the tricky situation to us, and have your house safe and sound. The best part, we get you the best deals in town!

Did You Know...

Pigeons have unique sense or orientation. A racing pigeon can be released up to a 1000 kilometers away from its roost and still manage to come back within the day.

Pigeons are also incredibly smart. They can pass the so-called “mirror test”, or in other words, they can recognize their own reflection. Don't think it's that impressive? Well, there are only six species in the world that can do that, and pigeons are the only non-mammal one.

Pigeons know the alphabet – they can recognize all 26 letters of the English alphabet and can distinguish between people's faces.

Pigeons were used in WWI and WWII. They were carried on warships and when that ship was attacked, the pigeons were released with messages with the location of the sinking vessel. That way these birds saved thousands of lives over the course of both wars.