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The inexorable march of technology has given birth to its greatest creation - the Pestinator 3000*, the newest member of our team at Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne. This state of the art automaton will inevitably exercise its pest control precision in the most optimal way possible in order to deprive you of the horrors inhabiting the nooks and crannies of your home.

Thanks to the cold fusion reactor core, this pest control robot can last 50 lifetimes without having to change the atomic condensers making this marvel of modern science possible. The whole operation of powering the automaton up is ecologically friendly and completely safe for your family.

Pestinator 3000 is armed to its proverbial teeth. What it lacks in sophistication, it more than makes up for in raw pestructive power! It packs a Rapid Oxidation Facilitator, an Organic Molecular Atomiser, a Trap Dispenser, and a Fumigation Unit  with Diffused Pesticide Disperser, as well as an Ultrasonic Emitter. With its rich repertoire, it has the power to annihilate all pests in and around your home.

Don’t be shy and say “hello” to our mechanical team member. It will definitely understand. This model has been upgraded with a positronic brain and a sophisticated level of artificial intelligence. No more bumping into walls. No more chasing its tail. No more running after cars.

In order to ensure your safety and satisfaction, we’ve programmed the 3 laws of robotics into the operating system. This means the robot cannot harm a human being; it will do everything you say (unless it conflicts with the first law); and it will try to protect itself (unless it conflicts with the first two laws). We’re all about safety - one of the founding pillars of our company!

With an improved radar system, infrared and X-ray optics, pests that used to be a nightmare to detect in the past can no longer hide in the shadows. The robot will carefully inspect your property before deploying pest control. Pests have nowhere to run. After the inspection, the Pestinator 3000 will rain upon them with great vengeance and furious anger.

The duralumin plating and padded locomotion make the automaton extra mobile, without leaving any marks on the floor. The robot is super lightweight and has little trouble navigating the house.

So what are you waiting for? Book the services of the Pestinator 3000 today!


*Disclaimer: the Pestinator 3000 is our mascot and not an actual pest control robot. Sorry. However, you can still book a human pest controller - they're just as warm, friendly, and efficient.