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Moth Control

While most moths cannot directly harm humans, they are still a nuisance pest. What they can do, however, is damage your clothes, carpets and blankets. You’d have to agree that having to replace your wardrobe because everything inside is moth eaten, all covered with wholes, is no minor inconvenience. Moths inhabit darker places inside your home. This gives them the upper hand and they will infest your home before you even know there are moths inside. And at some point you’ll begin noticing small holes in your clothes, as well as adult moths flying around. So at the first signs of moth activity, get hold of Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne and schedule a visit from the exterminators.

How Fantastic Pest Control Will Rid Your Home of Insects

Opting for the moth control service in Melbourne gives you the peace of mind that the infestation will be promptly addressed and eliminated. And you can depend on the fantastic vermin controllers to give you excellent results because the service consists of:

  • Identifying the pest – it’s important to identify the type of moth and the material it’s using to lay its eggs. Based on what the exterminators find, they will use the most appropriate insecticides to rid you of the pest.
  • Treatment – An insecticide will be applied to the affected areas and the moths will be exterminated with only one visit. In case the infestation is out of hand, gas canisters will be used so that all insects are completely exterminated.
  • Follow up – You can book an additional follow up inspection to make sure the nuisance is completely taken care of.  

The Advantages of Booking Moth Control

To protect your belongings from permanent damage, simply call and check if we have availability for the moth control service. The exterminators will perform the treatment safely and rid you of the pest before you know it. Besides the efficient extermination, when you book Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne you get:

  • Your pest-relaMoths are a danger to clothes everywhereted questions answered by our friendly staff
  • Convenient booking slots on weekends and holidays
  • Non-hazardous insecticides
  • Ridding you of the moths

You can also trust the exterminators to help you out with other pests, like flies, ants, termites, bed bugs, earwigs, and more. Just contact the customer support and tell us what you need.

Did You Know Moths ...

Moths are notorious for their ability to impersonate other animals in order to avoid predators. Some moths have evolved to look as scary insect predators, such as spiders, mantis, and wasps.

Some moths feed on nectar and others don't eat, like at all. Let's take the Luna moth for instance. It doesn't even have a mouth. Because of that, these moths live only for about a week. Enough to just lay their eggs.

Moths also don't have noses. But they can still smell pretty well with their antennae. Male giant silkworm moths have so amazing sense of smell that they can detect a single sex hormone of a female moth from as far as 11 kilometers.

Moths are also awesome at navigation. They can orientate by the moon and stars, and on cloudy nights, they use geomagnetic clues.