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Mosquitoes Control

One of the greatest annoyances you could experience at home is a mosquito infestation. The mosquito bite can cause different reactions in people, ranging from the mildest irritation to swelling and inflammation of the skin. Not to mention the fact that a bite could potentially endanger your health. Because of all that, mosquito control is highly necessary, especially during the hot summer months. And the most efficient way to contain the spread of the blood-sucking insects is to get hold of the mosquito exterminators.

The Mosquito Control Process that Gives You Results

In completely eliminating the mosquito infestation the team of pest exterminators will use combined methods. That way you’re sure to get the job done efficiently because the problem will be addressed entirely. The comprehensive service consists of:

  • Locating the breeding ground of the mosquitoes – Usually some water source with stale water. When the exterminators find it, they will perform the so-called source reduction and cease the further breeding of the insects.
  • Chemical treatment – The source reduction works in the long run, however, pesticides will be used to exterminate the current grown up mosquito population.
  • Proofing – You’ll also benefit from expert advice on what to do in order to prevent future infestations from occurring.

The Perks of Opting for the Expert Mosquito Controllers

Take action before the mosquito problem gets out of hand and book your mosquito control in Melbourne now. The experts of Fantastic Pest Control will handle the matter with efficiency and professionalism, giving you:

  • Much safer environmentmosquito-control-melbourne for you and your family and pets
  • A free of charge re-treatment in the unlikely event that the mosquitoes don’t want to go away
  • Free of charge price estimation on all extermination jobs

You can also rely on Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne to help you out with other types of vermin, such as scorpions, cockroaches, ants, mice, and possums, to name but a few. To get the full list of pests we can remove, contact the customer support online or over the phone.

Did You Know Mosquitoes ...

Mosquitoes feed primarily on fruit and plant nectar. It is only the female mosquito that sucks blood because she needs a certain protein found in it to help her eggs develop. Once she's fed, she will rest for a few days and then lay her eggs.

The female mosquito can drink up to three times her own weight in blood. That's impressive for a tiny creature like that, but for it to suck all your blood out, it would take about 1.2 million bites. What you should be worried about is the fact that they can carry deadly diseases, like malaria, yellow & dengue fever, and more. That's why mosquito control is definitely worth it.

The first 10 days of their development mosquitoes spend in water. Water is absolutely necessary for the eggs to hatch. And once the larvae (wigglers) hatch, they will feed on organic matter until they develop into pupae. Over the course of several days the pupae will change into an adult mosquitoe.

Mosquitoes are cold-blooded and prefer warmer climates. At temperatures less than 10 degrees Celsius they shut down and hibernate. Some species would find cracks and holes where they can wait the cold out, and others will lay their eggs in colder water and die. Once the water warms up, the the eggs will hatch.