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Mice Control

Our homes have always been the preferred habitat for mice. And with growing cities and population, the numbers of mice have also grown. These rodents can easily squeeze through the smallest nooks and crannies and inhabit your property looking for food and shelter. What's worse, mice breed extremely quick, with a female mouse giving birth to up to 80 mice in a year. The possible scale of such mice infestation should be enough reason for you to book a professional mice control. But if you need more, know that mice can also cause significant damage to your property. Like eating through insulation and electrical wiring for instance. Paying extra to fix that doesn't make sense when you can avoid it altogether by simply hiring a mice control service.

Book Mice Control. Get Rid of the Problem

The mice control experts in Melbourne are fully equipped to contain the rodent population as they have the knowledge, tools, and if required – the pesticides to do so. The mice control begins with a thorough inspection of the property. That allows the vermin control technicians to determine the scale of the mice infestation, locate the nests, and come up with a plan to eradicate the issue. And when this is done, the pest control teams will:Mice control

  • Place traps and baits to eliminate the current mice population
  • Advise you on how to decrease the likelihood of future mice infestations

All of that will be done safely and quickly, effectively getting you rid of the mice in 3 to 4 weeks. Alternatively, you could go for mechanical traps. This method entails a few extra visits from the controllers so that the traps could be recharged.

Aside From Mice Removal, You Also Get Extra Perks

You will also receive a range of benefits once you book Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne, such as:

  • Customer support available to you online and over the phone
  • A range of convenient booking slots on weekends and holidays
  • A guarantee of a pest-free home and office environment for at least 3 months
  • A list of additional services, like bed bug, termiterat, bird, and spider control, to name but a few

Contact us now and schedule a visit from the fantastic mice controllers.

Know Your Enemy. How Do You Know You Have a Mice Problem?

Physical appearance - Mice are considerably smaller than rats. Their heads and feet are small and their weight is 20 grams on average. Size-wise, a grown mouse can reach up to 20 cm from their nose to the tip of their tails. Their bodies are round and covered in short hairs. Behaviour - mice usually build their nests near areas with readily available food sources. Mice are nocturnal creatures, meaning they’re most active during the night. Procreation - mice procreate rather quickly. If you think the rate of 80 per year is nothing to fret about, remember they need about 6 weeks to start mating. Every six weeks, you get about 10 times more mice making babies. You do the math.

Did You Know Mice ...

Like rats, mice are also intelligent rodents. They communicate on different levels – vocal and odorous. They can also show their emotions through facial expressions. And because they sense feelings, mice are deeply affected by the emotional state of other mice.

Mice love their homes and contrary to popular belief, they don't very much like wandering around. Mice would only go as far as three to 8 meters away from their nests only to search for food. When mice infest your home, you'll often find books, papers, wires, and insulation that's chewed to pieces. Mice don't eat all that, they simply use it to build their nests.

Mice have ravenous appetite. They eat between 15 and 20 times a day, which is why they build their nests near a food source. And unlike what you've seen on cartoons, mice prefer seeds, grains, and fruit to cheese.

The brains of mice work similarly to human brains. For that reason, mice are used in laboratories as test subjects. Thus, almost all modern medicines are tested on mice before any human trials can commence.