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Fly Control

fly control in MelbourneThe constant bugging of flies is not pleasant at all, but there’s something worse about them. They actually carry around various diseases and to top it off, they can spread them, infecting you and your pets. When you take into account the fact that flies reproduce extremely quickly, you have a real problem on your hands. The easy way out of it, however, is trusting Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne to get the pests out of your home.

Count on the Fly Issue Being Handled Quickly and Efficiently

Just book the fly control and consider the problem solved. The results are guaranteed since the Melbourne-based exterminators work with a system that has proven itself to work fantastically over the years. The fly control includes:

  • Inspection – This step is of utmost importance because it has to be established why the flies like your property so much. To answer that, the exterminators will thoroughly examine the property until they find out what’s causing the infestation.
  • Treatment – The cause will then be removed and pesticides will be applied to surfaces throughout your home or office. The insecticide will surely knock down and out the flies and protect your home for at least 3 months.
  • Proofing – After the exterminators are done with the treatment, you will get some useful tips on how to avoid future flying bities infestations.

What More do You Gain when You Book the Fly Control

With Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne you will get the fly problem completely eliminated. The highly effective methods and tested insecticides are enough guarantee for that, but we’ll also give you:

  • Efficient, non-hazardous pesticides
  • Team of experienced and well-trained professionals
  • Customer support available over the phone and online

And in addition, you can fully trust Fantastic Pest Control to help you out with other vermin-related problems you might have. Everything from bed bugsbees, spiders, and woodworm, to birds, and possums will be safely removed from your property. Simply get in touch and ask for your free price quote.

Did You Know Flies ...

A female fly will lay somewhere between 400 and 600 eggs during her lifetime, which is about 30 days. When larvae (maggots) hatch, they will start eating nutrients right away and grow to adult size in just a few days.

Flies have been with men right from the beginning of civilisation. They are very resilient, having been found on all seven continents, and are known to transmit deadly diseases, like cholera, typhoid fever, and tuberculosis to name a few. For that reason, proper pest control is more than necessary.

There are well over 120,000 species of fly, however, only six of them are a scourge to both animals and human, carrying deadly diseases – house, stable, blue & green bottle, blow, dump, and flesh flies.

Flies are extremely sensitive to movement because each of their eyes has over 4,000 lenses. They also have a great sense of smell, sensing odours from a distance of almost 700 meters.