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Cockroach Control

Roaches are pretty commonly found problem everywhere people live, which makes cockroach control often necessary. Our homes provide the perfect balance between humidity and warmth so it’s no surprise these pests like it so much inside. They are difficult to get rid of and to make matters worse, they transmit diseases, making them a threat to your health. Cockroaches also breed very quickly, making the control difficult to handle on your own. But Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne will get rid of the infestation for you safely and efficiently.

The Action Plan of the Cockroach Exterminators in Melbourne

Cockroaches Cockroach control in Melbourneare nocturnal creatures and if you see some during the day, it’s a pretty sure indication something’s wrong. And that right here should be your queue to get a professional cockroach control service before the infestation grows even bigger. You will get a thorough service that will surely eliminate the infestation because the exterminators take every step necessary to do it:

  • Examination – Thoroughly checking your property for cockroach nests and determine how extensive is the infestation
  • Treatment – Special bait gel will be placed for the roaches to feed on, and gradually the entire population in your house will be exterminated. Unlike store-bought, the pesticides that will be used are harmless to you and your pets. That’s why you don’t have to leave your house while the controllers work. The other methods we use are spraying and dusting.
  • Observation and Prevention – A week or two after the treatment, a controller can swing by to check whether the entire cockroach population is exterminated. You will also get some advice on how to reduce the risk of future infestations.

What Else Will You Get When You Book the Cockroach Control

Get the cockroach infestation sorted out by hiring Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne. On top of being very efficient, the cockroach removal service comes with many additional perks, like:

  • Free price quote available on the phone
  • Emergency bookings on holidays, weekends, and even on the same day
  • Special deals and discounts on cockroach control and other services
  • Call us and find out more

Problems with other pests? You can count on the professional exterminators to help you out with a range of pests, like bed bugs, fliesbeetles, ants, and a whole lot of creepy crawlies. Call now and get your free price quote.

DIY Cockroach Control

Having the cockroach population exterminated is our goal, but if you want to prevent future infestation, you can take a number of  practical steps:

  • Get rid of the food source - cockroaches come to your home for two things - food and shelter. The first thing you need to do is eliminate their food source. In other words, always store food properly, don't leave food on the counters, and trash the bins regularly.
  • If you've recently suffered a cockroach infestation, we recommend to empty your pet's food & water trays at night.
  • Always clean up your mess - if you spill food or drink, clean it right away. Same goes for cleaning your fridge, cupboards, and bins. That will save you a lot of trouble in future.
  • Most important of all - seal cracks! Even the smallest crevices could be used as entry points not only by cockroaches but from other pests as well.

Did You Know Cockroaches ...

Cockroaches prefer warm and moist environments, rich in food sources. That's why it's crucial to throw away rotting garbage and food scraps right away, and empty the bin regularly.

Cockroaches are also record-breakers in the animal kingdom. They are among the fastest land-moving animals, making 5.4 km/h. Might not seem a lot to you, but that equals 50 body lengths per second. If you could run that fast, you'd be making 330 km per hour.

Once impregnated, some female cockroach might stay pregnant their entire life. That's got to be hard.

Cockroaches are also extremely enduring creatures. They can live up to a week without a head, and would only die because of the lack of water.