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Centipedes Control

Reaching up to 15 centimetersCentipedes control, centipedes could be quite the scary sight at night. More than that, their bite is quite painful to humans, causing inflammation and numbness. That’s why when centipedes start tormenting your home with their presence, contacting the pest controllers for help should be the first thing on your to-do list. The experts of Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne will come right away to wipe out the centipedes and help you out with containing future centipede infestations.

The 3 Simple Steps that Will Eradicate the Centipede Population

To get the lasting results you want, you’ll need a service that’ll take care of every aspect of the infestation. That is exactly the kind of service you’ll get when you go with Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne. The centipede control includes:

  • Initial Inspection – This is a crucial part of the service because that way the centipede control experts will find out where the insects are hiding and how they're getting into your home
  • Treatment – The extermination plan combines the use of both chemical and non-chemical methods so that you get lasting results. If the infestation is heavy, the outdoor areas of your house will also be treated against the pest.
  • Proofing – You will also be advised on how to contain the centipede population on your property. In addition, a follow up inspection will be done so that the experts are sure the issue is properly dealt with.

What Else Will You Get When You Book the Centipede Control

For total centipede control you can fully count on the services of Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne. Along the durable results, you will also get certain useful benefits, like:

  • Free re-treatment in case the initial doesn’t give the results you were promised
  • Range of convenient time slots on public holidays and weekends
  • Friendly customer support so you can get the help you need in a professional manner

Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne will give you a one-stop shop solution to all types of vermin-infestation. Besides taking care of centipedes, you can count on the experts to assist you with getting rid of earwigs, millipedes, termites, slaters, and a lot more. Call now and get your free price estimation.

Did You Know Centipedes...

The name “centipede” means “100 legs” and is a bit misleading. That's because the number of legs of these insects ranges significantly, anywhere from 15 to 177 pairs of legs. Interestingly enough, female centipedes' last pair of legs are more than twice the length of their bodies.

Centipedes often invade homes but their presence remains largely invisible to humans because they are active mostly during the night. They also hide in moist spaces, like basements and bathrooms.

Centipedes have jaws that they use to inject venom into their pray. In general, centipedes' jaws are not that strong as to puncture human skin, but in some cases they might actually bite you. The bite, however, is not deadly. It will only cause pain and swelling, much like the sting of a bee.

Centipedes don't see well. That's why they used special antennae to locate their prey. Some centipede species don't even have eyes.