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Borer Control

Some beetles lay their eggs inside small cracks in wooden surfaces. It's natural on the outside, however, if it happens inside your home, everything made of wood, furniture, floorboards, foundations and beams will be damaged. That's because the small larvae, called borers, grow inside the timber, eating their way out and slowly weakening the wood. To prevent that, simply schedule Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne.

Put an End to the Borer Problem. Book Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne

The only way to stop the spread of the infestation is to hire the pest eradication experts. Treated with the right insecticides, the population will be contained and structural issues with the wooden items in your home or office will be prevented. In providing you the much needed help, the borer control specialists will: Borer control

  • Carry out an inspection to see how extensive is the spread and what type of borers are the problem
  • Form and action plan based on the inspection and come up with the most appropriate treatment method
  • Exterminate the borer colonies and protect the wooden surfaces for the years to come

What More Will You Get Once You Book Borer Control

Booking the borer control gives you full guarantee the issue will be handled promptly and no further harm will come to the structure of your property. Besides, you'll get a number of useful perks, like:

  • Phone and chat lines – an entire support team is working to answer all your pest-questions and help with your bookings
  • Transparent price estimation – help the customer support understand what seems to be the issue and they'll give you an accurate, free of charge price quote
  • Efficient borer control service – the experienced pest technicians will deal with the problem in the most efficient way possible

You can also count on the experts for help with all other types of vermin, including cockroaches, termitesmicerats, birds, and possums. Get hold of Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne and make sure all woodwork in your home or office is safe, sound, and protected.

Did You Know Borer...

Some beetles would lay their eggs in cracks in wood. Тhis is of no consequence вhen they do it outdoors, but inside your home the larvae infest your furniture, wooden floors, even the beams of your house. Over the course of their development, larvae would feed of the wood and damage it's structure.

If left untreated, borer infestations might result in structural failure of the building. To put it simply, you're house may fall down.

Borer infestations are hardly ever noticed. What's more, they develop over the course of many years, with the insects eating the infested wood away.

Scientists think that certain borer species – the shipworm, rockborer, and the piddock, can secrete types of acids that can dissolve rock and other hard surfaces.