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Beetle Control

Beetle infestation. It doesn't sound scary at all but at some point beetles, however harmless they might seem to you, become destructive pests. Like the powderpost beetle for instance. That type of insect feeds on wood and cold bring significant damage to your wooden furniture. Other types of beetles might go for the food in your home, or after the garden you’ve been taking such a good care of. And in fall the beetle population will try to find shelter in your home. That’s when it becomes a nuisance and you need to seek help.

How Does the Beetle Control Work

Over the years Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne has developed a system which works exceptionally well. It consists of three main stages:

  • Inspection – To begin with, the beetle controllers will determine what type of beetles they are dealing with. Chances are, your home is invaded by food product, fabric-eating, or wood-damaging beetles. Depending on which type it is, the proper treatment will be selected.
  • Extermination – The adult beetle population will be treated immediately, firstly with physical, hands-on removal, and if need be, chemicals will be used. And the pest controllers will also target the immature beetle stages so that they don’t develop and cause a new infestation.
  • Prevention – To make sure your home is beetle-free, the experts will advise you on how to make your home less beetle-friendly and avoid future infestations.

The Advantages of Booking Beetle Control in Melbourne

Providing you with the most comprehensive beetle control is the priority of Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne. And while the great results are a significant part of the service, there’s more to it. Like the many useful perks you get:

  • Beetle Lasting beetle protection – for at least 3 months after the initial treatment
  • Friendly customer support– our lines are open and at your disposal during working hours
  • Various time slots – including on the same day, as well as on weekends and holidays

You could also combine contact the knowledgeable advisers and ask for the full list of pests we can rid you of. Some of them include centipedes, cockroaches, woodworm, wasps, and borers. Call now and get your free quote.

Did You Know Beetles ...

Every fifth known living organism on the planet is a beetle, including plants. There are 350,000 species of beetles described by entomology, with thousands more still undiscovered. Some scientists estimate that there are about 3 million beetle species in existence.

Fireflies and ladybugs are also considered beetles. Some beetle species can be useful for the environment, like the ladybird beetle, which pollinates flowers and eats dead trees. Other beetles, like the Japanese beetle and the boll weevil are a real menace, destroying both crops and properties.

There are beetle species which live more than 5000 meters above the sea level. They also vary in shapes and sizes, with the biggest beetle known to man being the “Titanus Giganteus”, which grows to the astounding 17cm.

Some species of beetles glow in the dark. They can produce light because of a chemical reaction that occurs inside their bodies.