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Bee Control

Bees are also a significant concern to homeowners throughout Melbourne which requires the intervention of professional bee control experts. Why's that? A swarm of European bees, which are most commonly found in these parts, can form a nest in your yard or even inside your home. They present a serious health risk because of their stings which are painful and in some cases – even life threatening. And as is with wasps, European bees can also affect the ecosystem they inhabit, eliminating other beneficial insect species. For these reasons, hiring a bee removal service is the safest and most effective solution to the matter at hand.

Choose the Safe and Efficient Bee Control

Opt for theBee-control  Fantastic bee removal services and a team of experts will be with you shortly. Once on location, the exterminators will destroy the bee hive by means of insecticides. In most cases, this is the only solution to the bee issue, since relocating the hive is virtually impossible. The treatment that will be used is completely safe for you and your pets. So you can stay home and go about your normal daily routine while the exterminators work.

Opt for Professional Bee Removal in Melbourne and Reap All Additional Benefits

As soon as you encounter a bee hive, contact Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne and don’t disturb the nest yourself in any way. Know that a hive can form in the weirdest of places in your home, like in walls, vents, even chimneys. Fortunately, the bee removal specialists have the equipment to safely get rid of the hive. And on top of the swift bee hive removal, you can count on:

  • Same day bookings – in case of emergency, you can schedule a same day bee control
  • Safe treatments – the insecticides used target only feral species, leaving beneficial insects and native bees unharmed
  • Friendly customer support – you can get in touch and book a bee relocation or ask additional questions
  • Free price quote – no-obligation price estimation available over the phone

For all pest-related problems you have, call Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne. The exterminators will handle all types of vermin, including mice, rats, birds, spiders, wasps, and many more.

Did You Know Bees ...

Honeybees can recognize different faces just like humans do. Bees remember separate face features and them assemble them together to make out the whole face.

Bees have two separate stomachs. One to store and carry the nectar they extract from plants, and one stomach for eating.

Bees are very beneficial to the environment, however, leaving a hive thrive in your yard or near your home is dangerous, especially for people with bee allergies. And the only way to get rid of them is to relocate the hive entirely. That's a task that requires the skill, tools, and strategy of pest control experts.

There are three types of bees in a hive – queen, worker, and drone. The queen lays eggs, and the sole purpose of the drone is to mate with her. The queen can lay up to 1,500 eggs per day.