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Bed Bug Control

Want a better night's sleep? Getting Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne to eradicate the bed bugs from your home will surely help you out with that. Although these blood-suckers are not known to transmit diseases to humans, their bites are itchy, painful, cause discomfort, and could easily be avoided. Just get hold of the bed bug controllers and a team of experts will come along, ready to oust the infestation for you.

Get the Experts in Melbourne to Handle the Bed Bugs for You

Bed bugs are tricky to locate and reproduce extremely quickly, so timely detection and eradication of the insects is critical. And for everything to be handled efficiently you need help of the qualified pest controllers. That way you’ll get a complete treatment plan including:

  • Creepy crawliesInspection – The specialists will check every possible nook and cranny & find out where the pests hide so that every last one of them is removed
  • Pest Management – Once the problem is visible, a long-lasting insecticide will be applied. All bed bugs and their eggs will soon be disposed of and your home will be protected. Those first two steps will be performed in the first visit.
  • Proofing – The pesticides work pretty well and give you at least 30 day guarantee. But to make sure you are protected from future infestations the controllers will also give you some advice on how to prevent future invasions. The bed bug service includes a second visit, three weeks later, so that we're certain the infestation has been contained.

Tip: Your mattress will not be sprayed. The technicians will give you tips on how to take care of your mattress and your clothes. For the treatment to work we advise you to book spraying of your entire house.

More Than an Effective Bed Bug Control

Call and check for availability and Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne will deliver top of the line bed bug control when you book us. You will also receive a number of valuable perks, like:

  • Free of charge, no-obligation quotes on all services
  • Booking slots that will suit your timetable, including on weekends and holidays
  • Expert and reliable staff

You can also rely on Fantastic Pest Control to assist you in ridding your home of all other types of vermin, including spidersmosquitoes, scorpions, as well as rats, mice, and bees. To get the full list simply get hold of the customer advisers team.

Did You Know Bed Bugs ...

Some bed bug pesticides won't affect the insects, since bugs have built resistance to even harsher chemicals. On the contrary, they might even make bed bugs stronger.

Bed bugs are nocturnal and most often bite people while we're asleep. An insect can feed in the span of between three to 10 minutes and then crawl away into the night.

Depending on environmental factors, such as temperature & humidity, bed bugs can survive without feeding, crawling in the shadows and waiting for extensive periods of time – somewhere between 20 and 400 days.

Frequent travelers are at the biggest risk of getting bed bugs home. Once you pick them up on your clothes, bed bugs will soon infest your entire home. And simply washing your bedding won't do the trick. That's why pest control services are highly necessary.