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Ant Treatment

With all the food inside, an ant infestation shouldn't surprise you at all. That, however, is not to say you should put up with it. Such an invasion calls for a prompt ant control because these insect pests transfer many bacteria and germs. That’s how your food gets contaminated. Not only that, but ants nesting indoors can cause structural damage to your property. They form colonies in ceilings and walls, causing the electrical wiring to malfunction. So in case you see signs of ant invasion, contact Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne right away.

How Does the Ant Control Service Work

Spotting an ant or two inside is a pretty sure sign you'll be needing pest control services pretty soon. These lone ants are called “scouts”, and it is their job to search for food. And not long after, the entire colony will follow the scouts into your house. To put an end to the ant infestation, get hold of the ant treatment experts. You will get a service that does it all for you:

  • Get an ant treatmentInspection – Find out where the colony is and to what extent the property has been affected.
  • Treatment – Apply a special sort of powder so that the worker ants carry it back to the nest. That powder is an insecticide on which the entire colony will feed and eventually – perish.
  • Observation and Prevention – The ant control experts can also follow up on the job to make sure all is done as it should and there is no longer an ant infestation. They will also give you some useful tips on how to prevent and contain ant invasions in the future.

Get all Perks That go Along our Ant Control

The ant treatment will prove itself to be quite efficient, and to top it all, you will get some extra perks, like:

  • Quick service without disruption to your daily routine
  • Lasting protection from future ant invasions
  • Booking slots available even on weekends and holidays

Fantastic Pest Control Melbourne will also help with other types of pests, such as spiderscentipedes, mice, rats and bed bugs, to name but a few. Contact our customer support and get the full list of pests we can rid you of.

Did You Know Ants ...

With well over 12,000 species, ants represent a quarter of all the insect biomass on the planet. Put into perspective, they weigh more than all humans combined.

Ants are quite strong and ferocious! They can easily lift 20 times their own weight and when they fight, they fight to the death. If a third grader had that kind of power, she'd be able to easily lift a small car.

Ant don't have ears and lungs. They “listen” by feeling the ground vibrate under their feet and breathe through small holes all over their bodies.

Queen ants are almost never replaced and when a queen leaves the nest or dies, the workers are not able to reproduce, surviving only a couple of months.